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Champagne – Dom Pérignon

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Do you know who Dom Pérignon is?

A French monk passionate about wine (17th century)

Dom Pierre Pérignon has the same birth and death year as Louis XIV, the sun king (1638 – 1715).


by Camille Cockerell-Kestler


He has been send to the Abbey of Hautvillers, the quintessence of the Champagne region. For 50 years, he was the cellarer, in charge of provisioning, catering and selling monastery’s production.

DSCN1270 Hautvillers

by Camille Cockerell-Kestler


Hautvillers – Champagne (North East)

Dom Pérignon pursued his interest in the vineyard and winemaking. After persistent attempts, he mastered the complex Champagne process and provided high quality wine!

At that time, the tithe, a church tax, imposed on winegrowers required them to give a part of their harvest. As a consequence, Dom Pérignon received grapes every September from a lot of different places. He understood the concept of “Terroir.” The same grape variety develops different aromas based on the soil it was grown in. Dom Pérignon was skilled at blending different grapes (varietal) from different plots.

Vignoble Hautvillers

by Camille Cockerell-Kestler

DSCN1302 vignoble Hautvillers

Dom Pérignon considered winemaking a science. He was an oenologist (specialist in wine making)! His research contributed a lot to improve vineyard and winemaking methods. He conducted studies about fermentation, sparkling wine, adding sugar…  …  Brother Pierre, an acquaintance of Dom Perignon, decided to consolidate all of Dom Pérignon’s recommendations in a book called “Traité de la culture des vignes de Champagne”, Treaty of the Champagne vine.

Some people give him credit for having inventing sparkling wines!

Myth or reality … Hard to say…. No YouTube at that time to broadcast your video online.  :-) MYTH ! In Limoux, other monks have made sparkling wines since 1531.

Limoux – Languedoc region (South West)

No matter what, “Vin du père Pérignon,” Dom Pérignon’s wine, was delicious and gained rapidly Versailles favors, at the court of Louis XIV! He also left a consequent heritage of wine knowledge.


Nowadays, the brand ”Dom Pérignon“ is owned by LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy)

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Dom Pérignon was not the creator of Champagne,
but a great wine expert providing high quality wine at the court of Louis XIV.

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