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A Toast To The Eyes

by / No Comments / 106 View / 2 March 2015

Do you know why…

French people look in each other’s eyes to toast?


Tradition & Superstition

Back in medieval times, murders happened as often as posting a tweet today. Wealthy nobles, like kings or dukes, were afraid of being poisoned.

So, while at princely banquets, they would clink their glasses heavily.

By overflowing the liquids (wine or beer), if one glass has been poisoned, then all of them would be….

Then, they would look straight in the eyes and drink simultaneously.

Sharing your drink was a sign of trust.

Refusing to toast, would reveal you as a traitor, and could lead to your death.


Nowadays, toasting and looking the other person in the eyes is a sign of politeness.

In France we say: “Not looking in the eyes while toasting will lead to 7 years of bad luck.”


Toasting is a big part of the French culture. You look straight in the eyes to toast,

  • It is a sign of respect and sharing today
  • and to avoid to be poisoned in Middle Ages.
Au revoir…

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