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62. Gevrey clos Grand cru Chambertin clos de beze DSCN0402 2

Pronounce Clos (enclosed plot)

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How to pronounce clos in French?


304. Meursault clos vigne route DSCN0611 2

by Camille Cockerell-Kestler

115. Vougeot chateaux du clos Vougeot vigne cabote DSCN0463

by Camille Cockerell-Kestler


But what is a clos ?

A clos is a sourrounded vineyard usually by a stone wall or hedge.

You can find this word on wine label. Originally, the monk used it to prevent animals to come and damage the vines and avoid theft.

Famous Clos – Clos de Vougeot and Clos des Lambrays (both in Burgundy), Clos de la Coulée-de-Serrant (Loire Valley) and Clos du Mesnil (Champagne)

51. Gevrey vigne cabote Grand cru Chambertin clos de beze camille DSCN0391

by Charlotte Valentin

68. Morey Saint Denis Grand Cru Clos de la roche DSCN0409

by Camille Cockerell-Kestler

123. Vosne Romanée ?? Clos des Réas DSCN0532 2

by Camille Cockerell-Kestler


118. Vougeot Clos Blanc de Vougeot Monopole DSCN0501 2

by Camille Cockerell-Kestler


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