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How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

by / No Comments / 77 View / 6 March 2015

Tell me, how you drink your coffee…

I will tell you what type of wine you like…

It works for tea drinkers too ;)


Your Coffee? Black or with Sugar and Cream?

At first, it sounds weird that the way you like your coffee or tea is related to wine.

However, your answer gives me a clue about your taste…


Let’s see…


Usually, people who drink black coffee like bitterness. So a red wine with a lot of tannins will fit perfectly. Wait a second… What is tannin? This is a natural component in the wine that gives you the sensation of texture/body and dryness.

I recommend that you test an unsweetened black tea to understand.

Tannins can be found in food such as dark chocolate, almond with skin…

What type of wine would be for you? Cabernet Sauvignon (Bordeaux), Syrah (Côte du Rhône), Mourvèdre (Provence), Tempranillo (Spanish), Malbec (Argentina)…


You will also like Champagne Extra Brut. It is a super dry wine with the minimum amount of sugar added (less than 6 grams of residual sugar per liter

On the other hand, if you like your coffee with sugar and/or cream, you would NOT favor tannic wine.

What type of wine would be for you? A fruity red wine will fit you better…

Many options are possible. Beaujolais usually are fruity. Juliénas and Brouilly are good Beaujolais. Pinot Noir is not a tannic wine. Burgundy is its Temple.

Grenache and Merlot are not very tannic either.



You like black coffee, go for tannic wine like

Bordeaux (Cabernet Sauvignon),

Côte du Rhône (Syrah),

Provence (Mourvèdre),

Spain (Tempranillo),

Argentina (Malbec)

and extra-dry Champagne

If you use  sugar or cream, go for fruity and light wine like

Beaujolais (Gamay varietal),

Bourgogne (Pinot noir)


Bonne dégustation…

Happy wine tasting…






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