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How do we make still rosé wine?

How do we make still rosé wine? By mixing red and white wines? Good try… but no, unfortunately…  This is the method  used for Champagne rose wine only 

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62. Gevrey clos Grand cru Chambertin clos de beze DSCN0402 2

Pronounce Clos (enclosed plot)

How to pronounce clos in French?     But what is a clos ? A clos is a sourrounded vineyard usually by a stone wall or hedge. You can find this word on wine label. Originally, the monk used it to…

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Luminarte Wine Tasting April 2015

French Wine Tasting at LuminArte Gallery – Dallas

Last April, 18, LuminArte an art gallery from the Design district hosted La Maison de Camille for a French wine tasting. My mission was to find 4 interesting wines and link my stories to the artists it represented. The selection…

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Flyer La Maison de Camille

Launch of La Maison de Camille in Dallas/Fort Worth

I have the pleasure to introduce you to La Maison de Camille, organizing unusual wine tasting !

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Champagne Glasses of bubbles

Cheers – Tchin Tchin

Do you know what… French people say when they toast?

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Dom Pérignon statue

Champagne – Dom Pérignon

Do you know who Dom Pérignon is? A French monk passionate about wine (17th century)

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How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

Tell me, how you drink your coffee… I will tell you what type of wine you like…

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A Toast To The Eyes

Do you know why… French people look in each other’s eyes to toast?

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