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About Camille

Camille Kestler

Soirée Internations 2012 – Photograph Antoni Cordero

Bonjour les amis,

Hello my friends,


I am Camille Cockerell-Kestler, born in the Champagne region during the 1982 harvest…

As everybody knows 1982 was a great vintage   ;-)


I have two passions in my life: sharing Wine with my friends and Texas.


Yes, You have not dream… I say “Texas”.

In 2001, I have made my first trip in Dallas- Fort Worth. I just loved it !

By the way, I just  married an awesome Fort Worth man in 2014 :-D

I know… This could sound weird that a French girl falls in love with Texas.

BUT Texans are amazing people! The Texas hospitality is engraved in my heart.

This project started with the will to give it back to my dear fellows.

First dedicated to my Texas friends, this blog welcomes every open-minded reader.


I grew up  in France and experienced long family reunion with 5 different courses. An invitation from Yvette, my grandmother  meant about 25 people gathering in her home. It started on Sunday at noon and finished at 10pm. After lunch, we talked, played card, and ate the left over.

Since 2012, I have dedicated my time to learn about wine.

I met Philippe Defleur, a fascinating sommelier. Philippe has worked for outstanding French restaurants such as “Le Jules Verne” at the Eiffel Tower or “Plaza Athénée” hotel.

Last year, I graduated from Wine & Spirit Education Trust level 2.  I am preparing the level 3 !

Bonne lecture !

A bientôt,

Enjoy the reading!

See you soon,




PS : Thanks for your help -  Anna, Laurie, Nicole, Jonah, Jean-Marie, Nicolas, Perry, Robert!